Streets of Steel is a side-scrolling 1980s brawler reimagined as a tactical boardgame

Street fighters
11 May 2018 / 17:44BST
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There must be something in the water. We recently reported Street Fighter getting the boardgame treatment, but now Streets of Steel ($60) is bringing full-on 1980s scrolling brawler goodness to your tabletop. A tribute to Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, the boardgame has you use a combination of dice rolls, cards, and tactical smarts to duff up enemies like killgaroos and punks, working your way along a ‘scrolling’ hazard-strewn road until you meet a boss and likely get abruptly killed in a horrible manner. If the going proves too tough, you can always start with more coins, just like in the old days. And for that extra authentic touch, there are pick-ups, including metal pipes for bashing in enemy skulls, and energy-replenishing roast chickens rather suspiciously left lying in your path.