SmartBoy makes your Galaxy S8 into a GameBoy

Ninty nostalgia in plastic fashion
29 June 2017 / 14:00BST

Sick of waiting for Nintendo to manufacture enough units of its Classic Mini consoles? Show the retro overlord who’s boss by sticking your Android smartphone into Hyperkin’s SmartBoy (£60) - a GameBoy cartridge adapter for your mobile. Equipped with an appropriately plasticky D-pad, action buttons and more, it offers up to five hours of throwback button-mashing. Designed with the Galaxy S8 in mind, it’ll play nice with mobiles from 5.2 to 6 inches in size, while games are upscaled to the appropriate resolution for extra grainy gameplay. Got a shoebox full of GameBoy and GameBoy Colour cartridges stashed away? You know what to do.