Sennheiser’s GSP 670 headset brings a touch of the audiophile to gaming

Being beaten by children has never sounded so good
15 June 2019 / 12:00BST

Just because you’re a gamer and you spend most of your time listening to the sound of gunfire and the smug crowing of your superior teenage opponents, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve decent sound quality. Instead of buying a headset made by a company called something like [email protected] PWN or N00b Eater, the audiophiles at Sennheiser have created the wireless GSP 670 (£299) for PC and PS4 gamers. Wireless connections normally mean latency, which is a dirty word in gaming circles, but Sennheiser claims there’s near-zero delay, while support for 7.1 surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action. The battery last 20 hours, enough for all but the most epic COD battles, plus you can hook up your phone as well and take that 10:30 call about the Q1 results without having to call a ceasefire.