Secretlab Three Lions Edition is the perfect gaming pew for armchair supporters

Sit down if you love En-ger-land
04 September 2020 / 12:00BST

There are loads of ways to show your support for the England national team these days: pull on one of the new retro-inspired shirts, get arrested on a Greek island, or plant your backside on one of Secretlab’s new FA-approved gaming chairs. Both the Omega (£329) and Titan (£379) models now come in Three Lions Editions, with the famous big-cat crest emblazoned on durable Prime 2.0 PU leather. Both come with fully reclining backrests, multi-functional tilt mechanisms, and premium memory foam head pillows, so you’ll be fully supported while you play. You better just hope the Three Lions’ perennial underachievement doesn’t rub off on your FIFA sessions...