Retro Champ is a handheld and Switch-style TV console for your original NES cartridges

It’s a knockout
09 January 2019 / 13:28GMT

You can emulate a NES on a handheld console or smartphone, but true retro-heads want the real thing. Retro Champ ($79.99), due for release in July, is like a giant Game Boy for your original NES and Famicom carts. Classic games should look glorious on its 7in display, and three-to-five hours of playtime affords you over 30 goes at cracking the Super Mario Bros speedrun record. More of a telly gamer? Retro Champ can go a bit Switch, connecting to your telly via HDMI, and letting you and a chum tackle gaming greats by way of optional wireless controllers. There’s even a built-in mini cleaning kit, to dust off those old carts that have been lurking in the attic, awaiting a triumphant nostalgia-fuelled comeback.