RepliCade’s Dragon’s Lair is a hand-crafted miniaturised take on an arcade classic

All fired up
01 November 2019 / 11:10GMT

In 1983, most arcade games either featured crude bitmap graphics or sleek futuristic vectors. Not Dragon’s Lair. Utilising laserdisc technology, it was like an interactive Disney cartoon, charging you with rescuing a princess from an evil dragon. The game itself was pretty evil, too, gulping down coins as you battled the brutal, take-no-prisoners gameplay. These days the game is considered a classic, and RepliCade Dragon’s Lair ($90) finally lets you own your own cabinet – albeit at 1:6 scale. The dinky 12in cab is a properly authentic, fully licensed, premium affair. If you’re great, you can show off your stats on the secondary displays. If you’re rubbish, you can fiddle with dip switches to net yourself endless lives. And if that’s not incentive enough, there’s a 1:6 scale first-gen laserdisc player in the box as well. Alas, you don’t get any 1:6 scale laserdiscs to play on it.