Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper, handheld-only Switch

And it's due out in September
10 July 2019 / 14:45BST

If you’ve ever been tempted to glue your Switch’s Joy-Cons to the sides of Ninty’s hybrid handheld: put down the Pritt Stick and listen up. Nintendo has just taken the wraps off an even more portable Switch Lite (US$199), which has the controls built-in. It has to lose a few features to make room, so the screen is 5.5in rather than 6.2in, and you can’t hook it up to a TV to bypass the missing pixels. The IR Motion Camera has been removed, as has HD Rumble, but the battery life has been improved as a result, despite having a smaller 3570mAh battery inside (the regular Switch’s is 4310mAh). It’ll still work with all the usual Switch accessories, plus multiplayer between the two is also possible. There’s no UK pricing available yet, but you’ll notice it’s $100 cheaper in the US. Hopefully the same will be true when it launches here on 20 September.