The new Razer Viper is a super-lightweight gaming mouse that's lightning fast to boot

Need for speed
02 August 2019 / 13:02BST

Meet the Razer Viper (£79), a new wired gaming mouse that promises to give players "absolute control." Ominous totalitarian pledges aside, the Viper is an impressive piece of kit that combines a super-fast infrared optical mouse switch with a similarly powerful 5G optical sensor. What does all of that mean, exactly? Well, without getting too technical, the Viper will let you click really fast and with "deadly precision." The tech will also help eliminate accidental clicks, which will be a godsend if you're known for being a smidge trigger happy. The icing on the neon-infused cake is a super-lightweight, ambidextrous design (seriously, this thing weighs just 69 grams) that gives the Viper a bonus point for accessibility. Nice one, Razer boffins!