Mutrics GB-30 are retro-gaming chic smart audio glasses designed for gamers

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17 February 2020 / 15:30GMT

The term ‘smart glasses’ may bring to mind super-sleek futuristic tech that’s like a combination of expensive Ray-Bans and a movie-style heads-up display. Mutrics GB–30 ($99) smart specs take a rather different approach. Ostensibly designed for gamers, these comically chunky frames seem aimed at gamers specifically from the 1980s. There’s even a NES-style D-pad and buttons on the side, for controlling the specs – great for grumpily answering a call when you were just about to win in Fortnite. But these specs are smarter than merely communicating with your phone. Audio’s piped to your ears so you can avoid earbuds – but in a way that doesn’t annoy everyone around you. The lenses are anti-blue light. And they’re IP55 waterproof – ideal for when you work up an actual sweat when deep into a marathon gaming session.