LYRA is a Pi-powered retro-gaming handheld and pocket PC you can build from a kit (or not)

Console yourself
08 July 2019 / 16:33BST

You can stuff an Android blower full of retro-gaming emulators, but the playing experience is going to be rubbish on a slippy glass screen. Enter LYRA, (from £149) – an equally pocketable but far more palatable way to enjoy the classics. In using a Raspberry Pi CM3L, it should be closer in performance terms to Picade than the slew of Pi Zero (and similar) handhelds knocking around. And it’s easy on the eyes and digits, with a 5in 800×480 display, D-pad, four face buttons, and a pair of triggers. HDMI out is there for telly antics or personal computing, and you can save 30 quid by building the thing yourself. Although be mindful that way means you’re almost certain to get a speck of dust behind the display that’ll nag you until the end of your days.