Logitech’s tactile G923 steering wheel puts you in pole position

Steer we go
10 August 2020 / 14:42BST

Imagine trying to drive a real car with a PS4 or Xbox gamepad – you’d be bouncing off parked cars and veering across lanes like you’d just been attacked by a small but very determined monkey. If you’re serious about your racing games, you shouldn’t be using a pad either, and Logitech’s new G923 steering wheel (£350) looks like your ticket to more chequered flags. Made from aluminium, steel and leather, not only will it feel authentic in your hands, but its TrueForce haptic feedback means you’ll feel every bump, skid and kerb. Throw in programmable launch controls, a built-in rev indicator, 24-point selection dial for adjusting in-game settings like traction and torque, plus a more responsive progressive brake pedal, and you’re starting to run out of excuses for not making the podium. What’s more, it’ll also be compatible with the PS5, so you won’t need to upgrade come Christmas.