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Latest Corsair Xeneon gaming monitors are speedier than ever

Your choice of 4K 144Hz or QHD 240Hz

Two Corsair Xeneon monitors on pastel background

Corsair’s Xeneon monitor line-up has tripled in size overnight, with the addition of two new models: the catchily-named 32UHD144 and 32QHD240. This 32in duo lets you pick your priority: a high refresh rate or a high resolution.

The flagship 32UHD144 gets a 4K resolution panel with 144Hz refresh rate, while the step-down 32QHD240 has a 2560×1440 resolution but an even snappier 240Hz refresh rate. Both use IPS panels with quantum dot colour, covering 100% of the sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces – handy for creative types that like to get their game on in their downtime.

They are both a step up from the OG of Corsair’s monitor range, the 32QHD165. That screen uses a 1440p panel with 165Hz refresh rate and is rated HDR400, whereas the two new entries are a much brighter HDR600. They’re also Nvidia G-Sync compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium certified for variable refresh rate gaming, and promise response times as low as 1ms.

Skinny bezels aim to keep borders to a minimum when running a multi-monitor setup, and there’s no shortage of connectivity around the back. The 32UHD144 gets two HDMI 2.1 ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 and USB-C, plus a USB 3.1 hub and cable management channels built into the stand to keep your wires under control. The 32QHD240 steps down to HDMI 2.0, as 2.1 isn’t needed to max out its resolution and refresh rate, but otherwise keeps the same inputs.

Both monitors are on sale right now, directly from Corsair. Expect to pay £699 for the 32QHD240 and £899 for the 32UHD144.

Corsair also knows its audience well: plenty of gamers use monitor arms and VESA mounts, so the firm is gearing up to let you pick up either monitor as a panel-only pack. Instead of letting the bundled stand go to waste, those that don’t need it can go without and save a little cash. There’s currently no word on what this option will do to UK prices.