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HTC’s Vive Pro 2 boosts VR immersion with a 5K 120Hz screen

Could this high-end headset eliminate motion blur and tummy troubles?

Performance gains are important all across the gadget-sphere, but when it comes to VR headsets you can really see them with your eyes – and sometimes feel them in your stomach. As the quality of virtual reality hardware improves, so too does the immersion… while the potential for nausea is hopefully stifled. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the new HTC Vive Pro 2 revealed. Boasting a 5K resolution screen running at a super-smooth 120Hz, the PC-driven Vive Pro 2 should cut down on queasiness as it amplifies smooth, 360-degree gaming experiences. It also supports lossless Display Stream Compression (DSC) and promises “minimal motion blur.” We can expect an array of slight fit and comfort enhancements too, hopefully making this the kind of headset we’d be happy to keep on for long play sessions. It’s rolling out on 4 June at £719 for the headset alone and £1,299 for a full set with base stations and controllers. HTC also revealed the standalone Vive Focus 3, which looks and sounds like a premium Oculus Quest 2 rival, but it’s meant for the business crowd – not so much home users.

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