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HTC goes for Pro with pixel-packed Vive update

Resolution bump and immersive audio mean even more realistic virtual worlds

2880×1600. That’s a whole lot of pixels. It’s also exactly how many you’ll get on the Vive Pro, or 78% more than you’ll find on HTC’s first VR headset right now. They add up to create dramatically improved definition, for more realistic virtual reality experiences than you’ll find anywhere else. The updated headset also gets a pair of built-in headphones (so you don’t have to bring your own along any more), a more comfortable strap, second microphone for clearer voice control, and twin forward-facing cameras that’ll come in handy for augmented reality. The whole thing is somehow lighter, too. It’ll work with the official Vive wireless kit, but you’ll have to pay extra for it – the Pro comes in a wired variety out of the box. We now know that HTC’s latest and greatest will start shipping on April 5, and you can stick one on your face for £800. The Pro’s arrival also means that the standard Vive headset is dropping down to £500.