GENKI is a tiny gadget that brings dual-player Bluetooth audio to Nintendo Switch

Listen up
04 July 2018 / 16:30BST

Cutting the cord is great for gaming on the go, but Nintendo didn’t seem to get the message with the Switch. Fortunately, GENKI ($39) is here to help you play your favourites during a commute, or in the evening at home, without trailing a wire between your ears and your console. The tiny Bluetooth 5 gadget plugs into the Switch’s USB-C port, has very low latency, and is battery-free, so it’s always ready to use (assuming your Switch isn’t out of juice). And the best bit: if you have an actual friend who happens to be armed with a Bluetooth headset, they can get in on the action too. Just be aware of any strange ‘in the moment’ noises the two of you are making when going dual-player with GENKI on the train home.