Fork Parker's Crunch Out is a legit new SNES cartridge game… in 2018

Dust off your Super Nintendo: the 16-bit era is back
14 May 2018 / 10:46BST

Nowadays, compelling games are found on nearly any digital device you could wield – but here's one device you probably didn't expect to house a new game in 2018: the Super Nintendo. Enter Fork Parker's Crunch Out. It's a brand new SNES game that ships on a real cartridge and will run on your real, old-school console (but not the SNES Classic Mini). Crunch Out is a highly meta, arcade-like affair about being a game executive and forcing your dev team to work long hours to ship games on time. But there's a twist here: Crunch Out was made to raise awareness about the real dangers of development crunch, and all proceeds benefit Take This, a mental health-focussed gaming charity. Pre-orders are live now ahead of an autumn release.