Evercade is a handheld for old games that’s so retro it even uses actual cartridges

Plug ’n’ play
10 September 2019 / 15:28BST

Loads of retro consoles are knocking around at the moment, although most require effort to set up, and lack officially licensed content. Not Evercade (from £59.99). This pocketable device lets you celebrate the classics on its 4.3in display, safe in the knowledge you’re doing things by the book. Neatly, it’ll save your progress, connect to your telly via HDMI when you demand big-screen retro action, and doesn’t require the internet to function. Instead, loading games is done in a properly old-school way: multi-game cartridges from the likes of Atari, Namco, and Interplay offer titles drawn from 8- and 16-bit systems. And there’s another injection of welcome nostalgia, too: so you don’t annoy everyone nearby with ear-searing chip tunes, there’s a suitably retro headphone port.