Classic footie game Sensible Soccer gets extra time, reborn as Sociable Soccer

A funny old game
23 October 2017 / 18:18BST

In the 1990s, Sensible Soccer and sequel SWOS eschewed realism, instead bringing to your Amiga the feeling of how you imagined playing professional footie would be. Its zoomed-out pitch enabled pixel-perfect passing, in a streamlined, responsive, expansive take on the beautiful game. Spiritual successor Sociable Soccer aims to boot a similarly scorching fusion of arcade playability, simplicity, fun, and long-term mastery into the top-left corner. It’s on Steam’s Early Access now (PC, £14.99), with PS4, Xbox One and mobile versions likely to follow. Although there’s a modern concession in the game’s angled 3D viewpoints, they’re optional. So you can still use a resolutely old-school top-down view to blaze about in a majestic flurry of pinball-like football, before blazing your shot clear over the bar like a numpty.