Asus' improved ROG Swift monitor uses Mini LEDs to reduce bloom and save energy

Get swifty
30 July 2019 / 13:15BST

Not content to rest on its laurels, Asus has set about improving the already impressive ROG Swift 4K ultra-sharp gaming monitor with a raft of new features. For starters, the new display replaces LEDs with smaller Mini LEDs that allow the 27in screen to be segmented into 576 distinct zones (the original had 384), improving overall image quality by better illuminating smaller objects while also reducing bloom.The new Swift is also more power efficient than its predecessor, which should translate to lower electricity bills (hurrah!), and uses improved active cooling tech to keep components whirring away comfortably. Assuming you have the hardware needed to make the most of a hefty 4K display, the Rog will also deliver a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz for ultra-smooth gameplay. Although we've yet to see it in action outselves, on paper the tweaked ROG Swift sounds like a real go-getter.