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Antstream, the ‘Netflix of retro-games’, has snared Space Invaders, Rastan, and Operation Wolf

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

Think gaming was better when it was all chunky pixels and exploding barrels? Then check out Antstream (£9.99 per month). Like a Netflix for retro-games, it’s packed full of classic titles – from SNK’s seminal Metal Slug to obscure but pixel-perfect 8-bit fare like Wizball. From this March, the service takes another step towards retro heaven through a deal with Taito that brings Space Invaders, Operation Wolf and more to the platform. If you’ve not tried Antstream yet, it eschews the fiddly nature of more traditional retro-gaming – emulators; micro-consoles; swearing at a C2N or dusty cart when an original fails to load – by streaming titles to a PC, Mac, Xbox One or Android device. Beyond playing old favourites and making new discoveries, you can take on challenges and leaderboards, and try multiple versions of many titles – handy if you used to breathe ZX Spectrum, but wouldn’t cross the street to chuck a bottle of water at a C64 if it happened to be on fire.

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