Anker’s latest portable battery packs are custom-built to fast charge your Nintendo Switch

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11 June 2018 / 16:31BST

The Nintendo Switch - flipping great, isn’t it? Great, that is, until its battery decides that it’s had enough just as you’re settling into a bit of Skyrim questing on the bus. Never again. Never again. Battery specialist Anker is launching two new power packs designed specifically to be used with Ninty’s hybrid fun machine. Officially licensed and available in two sizes (20100mAh or 13400mAh), the PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition can apparently fast charge your console from zero to full capacity in just under three hours - even if you’re still playing a game. Just plug it into the Switch’s USB-C port when you get the low battery message of doom and you’re good to go. Anker says the bigger pack will give you up to 15 hours of extra playtime, and you’ll get 9 if you opt for the smaller one. We await UK pricing and availability.


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