Acer’s Predator Thronos is an all-in-one gamer cave

The 1.5 meter structure vibrates, reclines and houses three 27-inch gaming monitors.
29 August 2018 / 11:21BST

While the games industry seems intent on selling virtual reality as the future of the medium, Acer's approach is rather more old-school. Its new Predator Thronos puts you into a vibrating gaming chair that reclines 140 degrees and is as close as possible to three massive gaming monitors. It's pretty much the 2018 equivalent of the 80s arcade cabinet Afterburner. The idea is that you'll add three of Acer's gaming monitors, one of Acer’s Predator gaming PCs, and whatever keyboards, mice and game controllers you want to bring to the party. There's no price or release date for this, but given the cost of the screens, PC, peripherals and probably crane needed to lift the 200kg structure into your gaming den, expect it to run into the thousands.