8BitDo has released a pair of gorgeous bluetooth gamepads for the Switch Lite

Lite of my life
30 September 2019 / 11:35BST

Unlike the original Switch, Nintendo's new handheld-only Switch Lite doesn't feature detachable Joy-Con gamepads. While that makes the machine smaller, lighter, and cheaper, it also means playing multiplayer games with your mates while you're on the move is a little more awkward. That's where the 8BitDo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad comes in. The new pad has been designed to mimic the Switch Lite's gorgeous colour palette, and can be synced up with the portable console to serve as a second controller. Obviously you'll need a couple of these bad boys if you're looking to set up a big ol' Mario Kart or Smash Bros. tournament, so it's a good job they're cheap as chips at just $25 a pop.