VanMoof’s latest e-bike will be fast enough to break the village speed limit

It’s wheely quick
13 October 2021 / 7:15BST

VanMoof makes some of our favourite e-bikes, but none fast enough to trouble a Tour de France winner (average pace: 25mph). That changes with the VanMoof V: equipped with a 1kW electric motor which drives both wheels, the top-spec model will be good for 31mph (unless limited by local regulations). Besides setting off speed cameras on your Strava circuit, the rapid cycle will feature all the tech familiar to riders of the S3 and X3 – including automatic gears, Turbo Boost and a theft-resistant Kick Lock. And while the aluminium frame will be robust enough to go the distance, full suspension front and rear means cobbles shouldn’t shake your bits to pieces. Keen to upgrade your pace? VanMoof isn’t wearing the yellow jersey just yet: the V is still in development, with deliveries expected from the end of 2022. You can reserve your place in the waitlist today for £20, but you might need a stage winner’s cheque to actually buy the bike: VanMoof expects the new model to cost £2998.

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