The Rayvolt Torino is a fashion conscious e-bike with plenty of range

An endless cycle
03 June 2020 / 16:29BST

Owing to lockdown measures more people are cycling than ever before. That's brilliant news for the environment, our personal health, and the wealth of e-bike makers up and down the land who are selling cycles like hot cakes. If you're planning on going down the battery-powered route, try not to make it so blatantly obvioius you're cheating by riding Rayvolt's retro ride that should throw everyone off the scent. The Torino (£3,360) combines a sleek, vintage design that screams 'Pimms O'clock', combined with modern smarts like an intelligent pedal assist system, e-regenerative braking, electronic torque sensors, and EVIA intelligent software controls to deliver a silky smooth ride that's to your preferential liking. The Torino's standard 48V 504Wh battery pack offers a range of up to 25 miles, or when upgraded to a more powerful 48V 936Wh can breeze along for up to 50 miles depending on the terrain. Coincidentally, that's just enough juice to pedal around the entirety of Torino. 

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