Garmin’s Tacx Boost trainer lets fairweather cyclists beat the cold

And it’s good for using up Scrabble letters too
09 December 2020 / 14:53GMT

Look, we get it. It’s cold out there. Until you can get lycra that’s as warm as a duvet, we don’t blame you for staying in bed instead of getting out on your bike. Unfortunately, Garmin has just removed one of your excuses. The Tacx Boost (£229.99) is an indoor trainer that lets you log a few pre-breakfast miles without having to brave the cold. It includes a forceful magnetic brake that offers 10 levels of resistance, with a maximum of 1050 watts, while the closed unit keeps the noise down, so you won’t disturb those lazy types who’ve chosen to stay in bed. Perhaps most importantly, if you add a speed sensor it'll work with apps such as Tacx Training, Zwift and TrainerRoad, so you won’t miss out on banking those stats just because you’re indoors. Phew.

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