Electric Audi E-Tron GT comes with mean looks and wireless charging

Goes from zero to smug in the blink of an eye
29 November 2018 / 17:33GMT

Audi owners seem to have replaced BMW drivers as the biggest merchant bankers on the road, but is it any surprise when their marque of choice is churning out magnificent hunks of metal like this? The 590hp, all-wheel-drive E-Tron GT can hit 62mph in around 3.5 seconds and go on to hit 149.1mph - not bad for an electric car with a 248.5-mile range. If you don’t want to trip over the charging cable it supports Audi’s 11kW contactless charging, although if you do plug in its 800-volt system can recharge to 80% capacity in just 20 minutes. That’s enough to drive for nearly 200 miles. This concept model will be developed into a production car by 2020, with the finished article on the road and being obnoxious by early 2021.

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