Ducati’s PRO-I EVO is an electric scooter for bikers about town

Two wheels, one motor, no seat
3 days ago

Ducati has form when it comes to two-wheeled dream machines. But bike fans won’t find a saddle on its latest ridearound. Swapping cylinders for cells, the PRO-I EVO is the iconic Italian marque’s answer to greener mobility. Like a motorcycle, its wheels ship with tubed tyres; unlike a motorcycle, those wheels are only 8.5in across. Powered by a 350W motor, the EVO will whizz you around town at speeds of up to 15mph. An aluminium alloy frame cuts weight to a minimum, while integrated LEDs keep you visible. Finished your fakies for the day? The EVO folds down for easy storage. And while the 280Wh battery is recharging in your real garage, you can fire up the partner app’s virtual equivalent, where you’ll find real-time technical support, battery status and distance info, as well as the last-known location of your super scooter. Ready to ride? It’s yours for €399.

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