The Citroen Ami is a dinky EV that can be driven by teens and rented on the cheap

Absolutely Ami-zing
28 February 2020 / 13:29GMT

Citroen has launched a new all-electric urban vehicle called the Ami that the company is pitching as the Netflix of transportation. Available to rent for just €19.99 per month, the Ami is essentially an electric scooter in the guise of a car, and as a result can be driven without a license by people as young as 14 in France or 16 in other European countries. Despite its dinky demeanour, the Ami can carry two people side by side thanks to a surprisingly spacious passenger compartment that even features a couple of mod cons like cup holders and heating. Quel soulagement! Charging the Ami is as easy as plugging it into your standard electrical socket and keeping yourself busy for the three hours it'll take for the EV to fully charge. There's also no need to find a dealership to pick one up, with Citroen offering direct home delivery for extra convenience. What a great bunch. 

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