Blync is a VR and sensor combo that lets you cycle anywhere

Wheely good
04 September 2020 / 9:00BST

It’s no good having a snazzy new bike if you lack the time to use it. Fortunately, Blync (£69) lets you ride your bike anywhere. The system comprises a path sensor – a blue wedge you shove your bike’s front wheel into – a speed sensor, and VR smarts. Assuming your rear wheel’s safely secured in a bike trainer, you cycle in place while zooming through virtual worlds. At launch, Blync will support Oculus and Steam VR, giving you first- and third-person views of varying terrains and locations – some of which you can create yourself and invite friends to try over network play. Or you can instead opt to use a screen if you don’t fancy virtual cycling with a VR helmet strapped to your face. Just the ticket to try a spot of extreme biking without the risk of regularly landing in a painful heap.

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