Zoom raider: Panasonic’s FZ82 camera packs a long reach

Meet the next contender for your ideal travel cam…
26 February 2017 / 6:00GMT

One thing you could never accuse the Panasonic Lumix FZ82 of lacking is versatility. This new bridge camera packs one of the longest reaches on the market thanks to its 60x optical zoom lens. This barrel of glass goes all the way from an ultra-wide 20mm – perfect for those all-encompassing landscape shots – to super-telephoto 1200mm – ideal for Bill Oddie-worshipping twitchers, plane spotters and any snapper who fancies capturing far off subjects in crisp detail. Despite that, the FZ82 (£330) is a pleasingly compact, lightweight beast, which ups its appeal as a travel cam. And with the ability to record video in sparklingly detailed 4K, this might be well worth packing alongside your suntan lotion next time you’re embarking on a trip you’d like to remember.