The Z7 is Nikon's full-frame mirrorless prince of the pixels

Get caught res-handed
23 August 2018 / 6:30BST

Weighing exactly the same as the Nikon Z6 (675g) and sharing most of the same specs, the Z7 is the more premium offering specificially aimed at the pixel-hungry dealing with close crops or large landscape photogrpahy. With its 45.7MP sensor that can handle 9fps, superior autofocus system with an ISO range of 64-25,600, it has a huge 493 focal points compared to only 399 on the Sony a7RIII. It's got the same EVF, tilt LCD touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, 5 axis-stabalisation and weather-sealing as its sister model. With that reassuring sturdy grip, the Z cameras stay true to the Nikon deisgn and ergonomics. Fully prepared for video with 8K time lapse, NLog profile, focus peaking and zebra. Coming in at £3,399 body-only, a smidge pricier than the Sony a7RIII and it will be available from September.