SiOnyx’s Aurora is an action cam built to shine in the darkness

Low light, lots of light – it’s happy either way
23 April 2018 / 16:30BST

If your extreme sporting exploits usually take place after the sun has gone down, you’ve probably been hoping and praying for a GoPro that performs acceptably in low light. Well, while the action cam gods haven’t answered your prayers right to the very letter, they’ve delivered something similar: the SiOnyx Aurora (out July, pre-order now from US$479), a waterproof, GPS-equipped handheld video camera able to offer 720p video at 60fps in extremely gloomy conditions, thanks to a relatively huge 1in CMOS sensor designed specifically for the job. Its maker says it’ll function just fine on moonless, starlit nights, which is something no GoPro can manage yet. It also describes it as a day/night camera that won’t let you down on bright days either, but the fact that it's limited to 720p resolution means you might find cheaper 1080p and 4K competitors a better fit for capturing your sunlit outdoor antics.