ShutterGrip 2 powers up your phone’s photography smarts with a grip, remote shutter and selfie stick

Snap to it
24 March 2021 / 16:11GMT

Smartphone cameras are great. But smartphones are not great at being cameras, as you’ll know when trying to shoot a selfie if you lack arm length, when blocking an amazing video with your thumb, or on dropping your phone down a ravine when trying to capture the perfect snap. Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2 ($35) is here to rescue you from such ills. Like the original, it looks like someone sawed the end off of a DSLR. You shove your phone into the gadget, which has a swish metallic finish and non-slip grip, to keep you in control. Bluetooth pairing gets you going in seconds, and there’s a detachable remote for when you want to take snaps at a distance. Not enough? OK, how about the built-in selfie stick, tripod thread, and cold shoe for attaching LED lights for night shoots? That should do for all but the most demanding smartphone snappers, short of glueing an actual DSLR to your blower.