Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera ditches the titchy tripod for a more hand-friendly... handle

It'll help you get to grips with 360° video
29 March 2017 / 16:30BST

It’s got an eye on you… two, in fact. Samsung’s upgraded Gear 360 action cam is smaller and slimmer than last year’s stubby original, even though it ditches the tiny tripod grip for something with a bit more substance. That should make it easier to hold while you’re shooting epic 360° videos. The twin 180-degree cameras have been beefed up with native 4K video capture, and you’ll finally be able to live stream straight to Facebook or YouTube. Via your smartphone, that is - Samsung’s got a new one of those, too. Funny, that. No word on a price or release just yet, but expect it to show up alongside the Galaxy S8 in April.


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