Polaroid's OneStep+ gains a portrait lens and a connected smartphone app

No mission impossible
30 August 2018 / 14:45BST

We loved the Polaroid OneStep 2 for its retro quirks, fun factor and the sheer fact that it’s built using a process that is literally decades old. The OneStep+, much similar in its design has some new tricks up its sleeve with its bluetooth-connected smartphone app. There are seven new features to play with via the app: double exposure, light painting, self timer, remote trigger, noise trigger, scanner and even a manual mode for fine-tuning your shutter speeds and flash intensity. The most exciting part, though? It’s the new portrait lens, allowing you to take photos from just over 30cm away. You only have to flick a switch to activate it too. We’ve tried it out and can confirm, it’s truly bokeh-licious. It’s available from today for £149.99 so you can capture the last remnants of summer, before it’s gone - in an instant.