Polaroid OneStep 2 is a snap-happy throwback to instant film

Classic Polaroid looks and film should keep analogue die-hards happy
14 September 2017 / 8:16BST

Here’s a blast from the past for fans of film cameras: the Polaroid OneStep is back. Sort of. The OneStep 2 is a modern reimagining of Polaroid’s classic cam, with 21st century features like a timer (shock!), flash (gasp!) and USB recharging (heresy!), but stays strictly analogue with colour or black and white film. It’s the brainchild of the Impossible Project, which reverse-engineered Polaroid’s old film stock to create the Impossible I-1 camera - only this latest snapper is a lot more familiar-looking. Now going by the name Polaroid Originals, it will launch the OneStep 2 in October - but you can slap down a pre-order now for US$99, with packs of eight colour or black and white instant film setting you back $16 apiece.