Polaroid Go is the world’s smallest analogue instant camera

All the small things
20 April 2021 / 13:12BST

The classic white with rainbow stripe Polaroid styling is instantly recognisable in the company's tiny new member, the Polaroid Go (£109.99). At just 10.5cm long, 8.4 cm wide and 6.1cm tall, it’s a travel-friendly snapper which comes with a selfie mirror, self-timer, flash, and a double-exposure feature. It’s been manufactured ‘like a three-dimensional Tetris, to deliver the smallest size possible,’ says Ignacio Germade, Polaroid’s Chief Design Officer. How’s the film going to squash into that tiny box? we hear you cry. Polaroid has also developed a new film, so each photo is only 2.6in, almost half the size of a regular instant photo.