Pixii is a digital rangefinder with a Leica mount and no memory card

A very modern camera
22 October 2018 / 13:27BST

Screens, SD card slots: who needs ‘em? Not French startup Pixii, whose new camera of the same name doesn’t feature either. A digital rangefinder cam with a difference, you line up your shots with the 0.67X optical viewfinder, and they’re automatically sent to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for editing. What the Pixii does have is a Leica M mount, a CMOS sensor with a global electronic shutter, 12-bit sampling, high dynamic range, and ISO from 100 to 6400. There’s also a little OLED display on the top of the camera, where you can adjust ISO, white balance and other settings. Expect to hear more about specs, pricing and availability in the coming weeks.