The Panasonic TZ90's superzoom will make your holiday look more exciting than it was

“Wow, I can't believe you got so close to that erupting volcano..."
19 April 2017 / 11:11BST

Prime lenses are great, but what if you're a timid tourist who wants to zoom into the holiday action without carrying a big lump of a camera? The Lumix TZ90 (£399, from June) has staked its claim to be the first name on your luggage list. No smartphone can match its mix of 30x optical zoom, 4K video recording and a 20.3MP sensor. And if you absolutely must take selfies, the 3in touchscreen now flips round to face forwards and capture your shiny, bronzed face. There's even a special panorama selfie mode for making sure you're in the centre of a sweeping landscape, and Wi-Fi to help you send it quickly to work colleagues. They love it when you do that.