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The M-E (Typ 240) is Leica’s new affordable rangefinder

The price is (sorta) right

Leica is making its M series of rangefinder cameras more affordable with the launch of the $3,995 M-E (Typ 240) model. Alright, that isn’t what most people would call affordable, but it is almost $3,000 cheaper than the next model up and manages to cram in an impressive assortment of features. For starters, the M-E is one of the most compact full-frame camera systems in the world, and sports a 24M CMOS sensor that offers a high light sensitivity of up to ISO 6400. It’s a combination that should help you take outstanding snaps, even in low-light situations. Shooting high-quality video is also a doddle thanks to the rangefinder’s 1080p, full-HD movie mode, while the camera’s 2GB of buffer memory will allow you to take a tsunami of pictures in rapid succession. If you’re already sold on the M-E, you’ll be able to take it for a spin when it arrives at the end of July.