Diple will turn your smartphone or tablet into an advanced HD microscope

12 November 2019 / 15:13GMT

The brainiacs over at SmartMicroOptics have lived up to the company name with the creation of 'Diple,' a first-of-its-kind advanced microscope kit for smartphones and tablets. Capable of providing up to 1000x magnification without any pixelation, Diple ($40) can be used to see clear, HD microscopic images right out of the box. The scientific gizmo is also compatible with three interchangeable lenses (Diple Red at 35x; Grey at 75x and Black at 150x magnification) that can be further enhanced using the digital zoom on your smart device, and even comes with all the components you'll need to handle microscopic specimens. That makes it an ideal tool for education and research purposes, or failing that, just taking super-weird pictures.