Vizio is bringing its subwoofer-clad SB362An soundbar to the UK

Sound as a pound
30 May 2019 / 12:38BST

U.S. audio company Vizio is looking to make headway in the UK with the launch of its SB362An 2.1 soundbar (£149.99). The company's first product to arrive on British shores, the SB362An is an affordable 36in soundbar that packs two 2.25in full-range drivers and dual integrated 3in subwoofers that deliver extra depth, clarity, and "room shaking bass." The angular speaker also features DTS Virtual:X audio tech that can create a "multi-dimensional" sound experience, which sounds pretty trippy. In terms of connectivity, the Vizio can be hooked up to your TV and other smart devices via bluetooth, optical, and 3.5mm stereo, meaning it'll come in handy if you're planning on throwing a couple of house parties over the summer.