V-Moda’s Hexamove wireless 'phones make your ear gear more geometric

Six-sided sound
5 days ago

Hexagons might give your fashion ensemble some edge, but they’re not the easiest fit for your ear holes. Luckily, V-Moda’s new true wireless in-ears keep the angles on the outside. Styled with six sides, the shells harbour 6mm drivers for solid sound quality, while the cells inside are good for six hours of playback in a single listening session (plus 18 more from the charging case). The Hexamove Lite ($130) are designed for lightweight cordless audio, while the Hexamove Pro ($170) promise a finish to fit every outfit, courtesy of interchangeable shields. A customisable combo of fins, ear hooks and silicone tips means the Pro 'buds should sit pretty, while the V-Moda app lets you tweak the EQ for sound that’s shaped to your taste.