Urbanista’s Detroit are great-sounding affordable wireless headphones for fashionistas

We’d buy that for a dollar
29 May 2018 / 15:36BST

Urbanista’s Seattle on-ear headphones have long refused to budge from our on-ear headphones Top 10. But their lofty position is now under threat from Detroit (£59). Like their predecessors, these wireless headphones are light, compact and collapsible, so you can easily bung them in a bag. That said, with output Urbanista says makes music “sound like it’s being transmitted straight from the recording studio”, and pad-based controls for quickly firing up playlists and answering calls, you’ll be more likely to make use of their entire 12-hour playback time (3 hours on a 15-minute fast charge). The only real decision to make is what colour you want on your bonce: ‘dark clown’ (black), ‘cheeky peach’ or ‘spring green’.