UE's new Wonderboom 2 is into wide open space

Don't worry, it'll play more than just Mansun
04 June 2019 / 8:01BST

Whether it’s a cold, wet Monday morning, a dodgy haircut, or a particularly nasty hangover, sometimes we all need a little boost before we can step out of the front door. Wouldn’t it be handy if, like UE’s new Wonderboom 2, we had a button that gave us that extra push needed to face the outside world. Outdoor Boost mode activates a pre-adjusted EQ and gives the sturdy little speaker that extra bit of oomph and clarity for al fresco listening. There’s also 13 hours of battery, IP67 protection and the option to pair it with another Wonderboom 2 for proper stereo sound. It’s available now for £90 and you can pick from a range of five two-tone designs.