Tiger & Rose are chiselled panther head earbuds that pipe music into your skull

Cat’s ears
06 December 2019 / 13:26GMT

Sick of the lack of imagination that goes into modern-day earbuds? Bored with Apple’s penchant for shiny white minimalism? Irked at the industry playing me-too, and always serving up more of the same? Well, things are all right meow, given the existence of Tiger & Rose (£45) earbuds. They’ve got all the usual tech and design you’d expect: Bluetooth 5 support; IPX5 water resistance; touch controls; six-hour battery life; wireless charging; ergonomic fit. But they also look like tiny panther sculptures you’ve for some reason shoved into your ears. The bling’s further ramped up by shining blue LED eyes and colour schemes that include rose gold and spotted white. We’ve no idea yet at Stuff how these earbuds sound, but one thing’s for sure: they’re certainly not boring.