Teufel x Rosenthal is the world’s first porcelain loudspeaker

So there
11 March 2019 / 17:00GMT

The word ‘porcelain’ probably makes you think of your grandma’s most beloved teapot, rather than a wireless loudspeaker that looks a bit like a friendly robot on stilts. But Teufel x Rosenthal (€3,990) is very much the latter. In fact, its maker proudly proclaims it the world’s first porcelain wireless speaker. An unlikely collaboration between audio experts Teufel and porcelain specialists Rosenthal, the two loudspeakers are connected to an external Class D amplifier (also moulded from lovely porcelain) with an output of 160 watts, while a pair of coaxial drivers produce a balanced soundstage. You can stream your tunes via Bluetooth or Spotify Connect with the Teufel app, and there’s a line-in if you want to keep things old-school. The 2.0 system can also be grouped with other Teufel and Raumfeld speakers for a multi-room setup. Find us a teapot more talented than that.