Teenage Engineering is entering the modular analog universe with build-your-own synthesiser kit

Flat packin' beats
29 January 2019 / 12:48GMT

Teenage Engineering is taking its bitesized Pocket Operator Modular synthesizers into the modular analog universe with three new build-it-yourself kits. Essentially the Nintendo Labo of the synth world, the DIY instruments compromise on everything except sound quality to keep prices down while still delivering top-notch audio. Each flatpack kit - the 16 keyboard, 170 monophonic analog synth, and 400 modular synth - contains all the sheet-metal, connectors, and modules you need to create your own personal synth, and can be built in around 15 minutes. Just follow the instructions, try not to bend anything the wrong way, and then unleash your inner Tangerine Dream.