Simo is a modular portable Bluetooth speaker for creating instant surround sound set-ups

Sounds good
02 October 2019 / 11:06BST

At a glance, Simo ($175) looks like a typical portable speaker. It works with Bluetooth, kicks out 85–90dB audio, and there’s even a natty handle for carting the thing about. But said handle is actually part of a frame surrounding a modular system. Pop the speakers out, and they stay (and charge) together as one unit via the magic of magnets; but pull them apart, and you can in seconds fashion a surround-sound set-up that automatically optimises itself using the system’s four channels. Naturally, this kind of portable kit won’t worry your existing hi-fi set-up, but when you’re out and about and fancy some stereo sounds, or want to beef up a handheld or tablet gaming system with some immersive audio, Simo will be a better bet than lugging your audiophile kit around, a miles-long extension cable trailing behind you.